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led astray

January 2013

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new community?

Ok here's the pitch:  It's an IG journal for your character, but is read OOG.  That means other people can read it, but can't use the information/thoughts there IG, because it would be private IG.  I guess the point is to let out some of those thoughts your character has IG but doesn't share IG, but you would love to let people know what was going through your mind when XYZ happened.  An encounter from your character's point of view, stuff like that.
(I'll use Rhys since I don't think he'd mind): The other day I was running to report to Lord Craig when I was attacked by a couple of skeletons.  Well, I managed to get one down when a farmer stumbled down the path.  I told him to run, and in doing so he tripped over a root and smack into a tree.  His face and hands got all cut up and deciding that was a better target, the other skeleton went after the down and bleeding farmer.  I of course tried to help the man by standing between him and the skeleton.  But the man in his panic tried to use me to pick himself up off the ground, causing me to fall down as well.  Luckily I kept my sword in my hand on the way down and was able to defeat the skeleton from the ground.  By then the poor bleeding farmer was twice as scared after having been nearly trampled by a Squire while trying to flee from an undead that he was practically flailing, me on top of him.  And then, just my luck, Lord Craig turned the corner to see a Squire on top of a flailing, yelling man, both of them covered in blood.  "What is the meaning of this, Squire Rhys?" he asked.  I got up as fast as I could and explained the situation, but all I could think of was I had just washed this shirt!

Ok, so I;m impatient.  It's called ig_nero_journal.


Oooh, right on. I think the idea is pretty cool. I like reading the journal entries of characters, they're so neat
*grin* joinjoinjoin
Yah, I joined up today :) Now I'm going to need a Fidget icon!
And I'm gonna need an icon for.... oh, wait. Already got one of those.

Cool idea, but I admit, I have a hard time remembering what I learn when and where and if it's IG or OOG. Especially after a few weeks or months and something spurs my memory to think about a topic again. *shrug* Would be fun to read, but I for one would have to be a little careful not to metagame.

Guess that's part of why I play NERO for the costumes and silly RP as characters who could generally care less about any political stuff or important issues. :-)