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led astray

January 2013

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Today I had something to do at work.  I went through the list of 56 schools offering MFAs in theatre, visited websites, and made an A, B, and C designation on all of them.  My eyes are tired.  The monitor is old and has such a slow refresh rate that I can see the lines from certain angles.  There are 15 'A's, based solely on the availability of funds/assistanceship.  And one of them is an A/B because it only works with classics and that's not my thing.  I think that's enough for the first round.  Many of them can be auditioned for at once at some national graduate school audition program held in NY once a year.  The criteria were basically the same for all of them, so I just need lots of copies of things.  That I can do.  The fees range from $25-$100 each, so those of you who have offered to cover a fee or two, I'll have to take you up on it.  Next step is to find/reherse audition pieces.  Need to get on that.  I can use the same 2 for many (the benefir for auditioning for lots of them at once).  One has to be Shakespeareian verse.  Yech!  :-P  I know, I know.  Blasphemy.  I used to like Shakespeare.  I was ruined by Henry V.  That experience turned me off of classics for a while.  I know I will have to get back into it soon and probably learn how to appreciate it again.  *shrug*  I'll get over it.


::big hugs:: Druid and I will happily cover some of your application fees. We could probably cover more the $25-50 zone of fees, but definitely take us up on the offer.

And we've also got Shakespeare's complete works, and will happily lend it for decent-passage-hunting
(((hug))) Thanks! I will. )-D
Wooot. Glad to help :)