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led astray

January 2013

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a brief moment of calm

Play is starting to look like a play.  That's good because it opens next week.  I woke up sick today.  That means the male lead will be sick tomorrow or the next day and it will be worse for him because he smokes.  Those dates again are; Dec. 7,8,9 @8pm, 12-13 @5pm at UMass Boston.

New phone isn't as easily customizable as previously thought.  Need services of hacker-type to fix what I consider "errors".

I'm going to call the mental health professionals and explain to them that making me wait more than two weeks after my intake does not help my anxiety disorder.

2.5 weeks, 2 papers, several rehersals and 5 shows to go.  Still have to see about a winter job.  Paying rent is good.

White people suck.  We are the evil empire.

Thanksgiving was probably the best I've ever had.  ZERO drama.  None. *glee*  Now if I can shrug off the 10 ponds I've gained...


Thanks for the dates again, I'll be coming down with Druid and senormysterioso, so I'll let you know what date we're coming down for.

Sadly, the department of mental health just had their budget slashed in half, and lots of mh professionals are trying to pick up the slack, so lots of places are way overloaded right now. Sucks that they're making you wait.
>>Now if I can shrug off the 10 ponds I've gained...

Ten ponds! Holy crap, that's a crapload of water, even if they are only small ponds! How are you holding it all?!

Oh wait, I bet you mean pounds. That's not nearly as bad...

I'm facetious!