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led astray

January 2013

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plodding along

Papers, reading, rehersal.  That's what my days look like now.  The show is finally begining to resemble a play.  The male lead needs to get over himself and stop judging the character.  He should have read the frikkin play before auditioning.  Then he would have known he was portraying a pedophile and not give us and himself drama over it every rehersal.  We know that the actor is not a pedophile, but the character you are portraying is.  *sigh*    I need to buckle down on the 2 papers I'm supposed to be working on.  Problem is, I need a better thesis for one, and I plain don't want to do either of them.  I hate writing papers.  I want a graduate degree, but an MFA doesn't require ye olde longasse papere.  I want to do it right away.  Unfortunately, it may mean moving.  But I have to apply to lots of places.  I'm trying to stay in the general NorthEast of the United States.  There's a program that will not only cover my tuition, but also give me a stipend to live on while I'm there.  But I don't really want to move to Michigan.  I would really like to go to Brown, but all the NE schools are really selective, so I'm starting to work on my monologues now. 


::big hugs:: Bummer on all the papers, it sucks having to type those darn things out.

Wow... the lead didn't know he'd be playing a pedophile? It seems like common sense to read the play first. While it sucks he has to play someone that creepy, it's just a part, and I'm sure that pedophile is a big part of the overall picture of the play (which likely doesn't say, "Hey, pedophiles are awesome!"). Just seems weird that he didn't foresee that as a possibility, or that he can't focus on the overall message of the play, which probably requires the skeevy guy in order to put across a good message (I'm assuming)
Who plays the uncle?
Chris Dudensing. He's in the music department.