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led astray

January 2013

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I have officially taken steps to de-stress myself, and it's helping.  I stopped going to Chinese and I will be withdrawing right at the deadline so they don't cut my financial aid down to part-time ammounts.  I fried myself and I couldn't take it.  I am hoping to try it again next Fall.

My Women's Studies teacher called me an Alpha female.  heh  Me?  An Alpha?  The hell you say!  But that's the first time I've been called that so it was a nice suprise confirmation and it sounds so much nicer than loud, oppinionated, stubborn bitch.  Speaking of which, I hurt my roomie's feelings last night without meaning to.  I mean, I knew I was going to, but I wasn't trying to.  If that makes sense.  We have very different ways of relating to the world and my approach doesn't work for everyone.  It's hard for me to see people not fighting for what they want from life.  Overtly.  I should try to remember that there are battles being fought that are much more subtle than my battles and I am not seeing the whole struggle.

E and I are still doing great.  We've been watching Farscape thanks to Henry the Mad.  Grandma asked if I want her good silverware set (not actual silver) when she dies.  Gotta love her.  Tink is as sweet as ever and very attention demanding.  Boo is still a brat.  

I have been having really strange dreams.  Just bizarre.  I'm really tired for no good reason.

I think I will be writing my Theatre History paper on the presentation of sex and sexuality on stage.  Prof. says I have to narrow down a time peroid, but that shouldn't be too much trouble.  Yay, a paper I won't hate writing!


Yup. Lots of internal battles. But I still love you and wasn't upset *at* you. I knew you were trying to help. *hug*

BTW, I called them to clarify a few things and state some of my concerns, and told them it's not quite right for me at this time, but to keep me in mind if they do start looking for part-time people. I think it's a really good compromise for where I am right now. And they said they would definitely hang on to my resume. :-)
Yay for de-stressing. Being able to take a break without negative consequences is an awesome way to take care of yourself :)
Responding in order of paragraph.

Yay less stress.

You're not really all that loud.

Please let me know when you get up to the part in Farscape where my tapes end. I would like to catch the rest of the series. (It's the one where Chriton is sucked into a wormhole and talks with the guy on the glacier.)

I've been really tired too for no real reason.

I really have comment on your school work. Yay school?
> Me? An Alpha? The hell you say!

::laughs:: Bah. I like loud, oppinionated, stubborn bitches - they keep like interesting. ::grins, hugs::