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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

something that bugs me

I know that I am small and sometimes quiet, but does that make me unheard? It seems every time I am in a room with more than one other person I am talked over, interrupted, and generally ignored. I have to begin to say something 4 and 5 times before anyone notices that I am talking, or shut up long enough to let me get more than 2 words out. I try to wait untill other people are done with what they are saying and not make a scene about it, but it's really bothering me. Most of the time I give up after 3 tries, 3 attempts to just add to the conversation, and walk away or shut myself up. Eric always listens and tells me to continue, or will interject for me, and I am glad that he's paying attention, but if I am not getting thier attention myself, then they must not want to listen to me, and I certainly don't want to be heard on someone else's account. I keep wondering if it is something I am doing wrong, if people just don't like me, or what. Just like when people tell me that they will come see me, make the plans to do so, and then not show up or even call to let me know they won't be there. Can that many people really be flaky that often? Or do they really just not want to visit and think of an excuse at the last minute, figuring it's easier to appologise than explain? Time for work, where I know what to do.



People don't know what they are missing by making you clam up. You often have so many interesting things to say.. sucks for you, but it sucks for them too, they just don't know it.

People are rude, and want to be heard - at the expense of other people. I'm guilty as well.