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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

sleepy girl

I love my cat.  Tink is the most precious animal I have ever known.  She is just awsome.  I've told you about how she herds us into bed.  Some days, more often lately, she gets up with us and meows a lot while we got ready for work.  There's food in her bowl and water in her dish and she doesn't want to go back to bed.  But if we follow her, she leads us over to her food.  Turns out she wants company for breakfast.  She'll eat and purr and check to make sure we're still there while we pet her.  If we stop or walk away, she follows and tries to lead us back.  She wants to be pet while she eats.  That is so frikkin cute!  Demanding, but adoreable.

I got up at 1am to use the bathroom, an annoying and increasingly frequent occurance.  I don't think I got back to more than a half-sleep state the rest of the night/morning.  Now I feel drugged.  Guh.  I'm only at work to use up my contract time.  There's nothing for me to do here.  I'm so tired and so wide awake at the same time.  That's a strange feeling.


Awww, she wants to share her breffis with you :)
Yeah. Sooooo sweet.