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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

Well, I'm shaking.  Really it's more of a tremble.  It's new meds.  Yesterday my eyes were vibrating.  That kinda sucked.  Today it's my jaw.  It doesn't hurt.  Feels like the time I OD'd on NO-DOZ, except I'm not vomiting.  Hoping that will go away soon.  It is helping me get my energy back.  Heck, I think it's even helping me sleep better.  That doesn't really make sense, but hey, the docs don't know why different formulas work for different people or why they work.

Summer is just about over.  That has good points and bad points.  I really like Fall.  I love the food and the almost chilly corduory weather.  I love the smell of decaying leaves for some reason.  I like that school is starting.  I don't like that I won't have as much free time now that I have the energy and inclination to work on my projects.  I don't like that it signals the end of warm weather and the start of the snowy, sub-zero times.  I don't like having to leave shoes on the stairwell to prevent muddy floors.


yeah, that med can keep you buzzing enough when you're awake that you'll sleep more soundly at night. Hopefully the uber-twitchy will ease up in a week or so.

Autumn in new england is excellent, if only we could avoid the mud ;)