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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

more than meds?

While I am hesitant to  be put on more meds, the fatigue is really annoying.  It's like being depressed without feeling that bad about the world.  I'm just fucking tired all the time.  I even have projects that need doing, projects that I want to do.  I just never feel like it.  And I am becomming a caffeine junkie.  I'm even drinking coffee again.  I took quarters from the laundry fund today to buy coffee at work because the green tea I keep here isn't cutting it.  And yet I got up at least twice last night and tossed and turned for a long time before falling back to a shallow sleep.  One time, poor dear, Eric was getting up at the same time.  Guess our bladders were having a race.  But he didn't know I was getting up and when he bumped into me he yelled and grabbed me and I grabbed him and yelled because his yell had scared me and we just stood there holding onto each others arms making alarmed yelps for a few seconds before he realised it was me.  It was not funny then, but it sure as heck is now.  To me anyway.  He was really scared and I shouldn't be snickering, but it was like something you see on a sitcom.  Anyway, I'm going to go get some coffee.


I've done that before in the middle of the night, too, except we both realized we weren't intruders while we caught each-other's punches mid-air. Not funny at the time, but hysterical afterwards :)

Any chance you've tried waker-uppers like bee pollen? It used to help me combat the med-sleep when I was on paxil. Lemon-scented things (especially lemongrass scents) can also help combat the constant grogginess. ::hugs::