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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

i'm a dummy

So this weekend I had a momentary lapse in judgement.  Ok maybe it was several monents.  For some reason I cannot now explain away, it did not occur to me that there would be other children at the 1 year old's birthday party.  I had imagined the one child and lots of alult family and friends of the parents.  And how the heck did that many people have so many children all around the same time?  So despite the gracious and wonderful hosts, I spent a good deal of the time slightly fetal on the couch.  I had a low-grade panic attack.  I wound up calling E away from his team meeting, becomming the girlfriend who calls him away from his plans, which sickened me.  And he got pretty upset ("dissapointed" he said) because they hadn't talked about the important stuff they were supposed to be there to talk about.  But he left only a half-hour earlier than he had told me he was going to leave anyway, and it's not my fault that they had 4.5 hours together and didn't talk about the important stuff because they decided to go shopping first.  Not. My. Fault.  So really I've stopped feeling bad about it.  Mostly.  I'm really glad that sistahraven and druidwolf were there and didn't know anyone either.  We sat in a corner together and lent support and happy birthday wishes from there.

Then we went to visit E's stepmom.  Turns out she hadn't eaten in days.  She made us burgers and she ate half a ham sandwich, which is better than nothing.  Then the next day it turned out she had a shower to go to, then she came back and changed then went to the store for a couple hours.  So much for keeping her company!  But E and I cleaned out thier unused jacuzzi/tub thing and took a jet bath.  That was really nice.  I want one.  But She seemed genuinely thankful that we were there, even if it was to watch the dog so she could go out.  And she says she's going to buy us a new set of cookware, which would be excellent!

I see the doc this Friday.  I should write her an update of my condition and side effects and whatnot.  

I have hiccups that don't want to go away and I wish I didn't have to work so late.


I would have saved you (whisked you away to a non-kiddie area) had I known. I'm very sorry. It's the downfall of throwing big parties where you know everybody, but they don't know each other. I had my little 15 minutes with everyone and not a lot of time with anyone. You should have spent more time with A-belle. I think she liked you, even though she was under the pillows/bed whenever you saw her.

Seriously. Adult party next time, I promise...
It was so not your fault! You and C were great. Maybe we'll have a party next and the little one can terrorize Boo. (She deserves it.)
oh yeah, can you email me your address?