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led astray

January 2013

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wow (not the game)

This weekend was the best I have had in years.  And I think that Saturday may have been the best day I have ever had.  

Friday-  E got up early and went to get his scan.  I got up late and had breakfast, watched the news (awful stuff) and sat outside on Mr. G's porch and practiced my Chinese while waiting for E to get back.  It was so refreshing and peaceful to wake up to the sound of the wind rustling the leaves of the woods behind the house rather than the sound of tires on pavement and bus brakes.  We then went out for pizza.  E said it was a taste of his childhood.  I was happy to share his memories with him.  The pizza at the first place was ok.  It wasn't my idea of what pizza ought to taste like, but E loved it.  The second place was also ok.  They had different qualities that I liked better.  We decided we were too full to try the third place, so we went home.  The weather was gorgeous.  More happened in the evening, but I don't remember it right now.  Having a bit of STML lately.

Saturday- We got up and went to the Arboretum.  I took pictures.  We walked around for 2 hours.  We were two people in love in the summer on the morgorgeous day of the year in the most gorgeous plsce in the city with no time limits, no destinations, no obligations.  Oh, before that we got bento boxes that were very tasty and so much food I couldn't finish it.  Then we went home and I took a nap while E played battlefront (that was the most exersize I had done in months).  Then we got up and started cooking.  Mostly E, as I was still wiped from the walk.  Hoyce came over and we ate the best damn pork I have ever tasted.  It was so good it warrented sexual favors.  Luscious.  Then the three of us went to Target and got some thing we needed while it was tax-free weekend.  I got a new bookbag.  Back at home we started to watch the Corsican Brothers, decided it was too silly and instead watched Robin Hood (the Uma Thurman version).  The day had such an air of peace and comfort, home and love for me.  I hope to hold that feeling for a long time.  Rarely in my life have I been that content.  I had to sigh and remind myself that life could really feel like this.

Sunday- Morning I'll not discuss. ;-)  There was guacamole.  And lots of napping.  Part of my elf assassin squad tried to kill it with a coffee based beverage, but it was nasty (no fault of thiers).  Then there was frisbee in the park around the block, then Record of Lodoss War.  

*ahhhhhh*  How nice.  But now with my new backpack and school supplies, I'm ready to get back in the swing of school and trying to hold my tounge when I think of inappropriate things to say in class.  I must be getting old.


So glad you had a great weekend. And guacamole! I must have your recipe! *cries*

I love that version of Robin Hood. Haven't seen it in a long time. And yeah. The weather this weekend was fantastic. (hugs)
What I made at Taco Day:
4 avacadoes
2 cloves of garlic
1 chopped tomato
some cumin
some white pepper
some paprika
some salt
juice of 1 lime

That was about it. I didn't put cilantro in because Tammi has a bad reaction to it. But yeah, I just used what you guys had around! :-)
Oh *awesome*!!! That means all I need is a few vegs and avocados and I have the rest. *dances*


Thank you!!!! :D
Yay for a good weekend of love!
Ya. Looks like it was good for lots of people.
With the air finally being a nice temperature, it's made snuggling and love MUCH easier!