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led astray

January 2013

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we leave tonight

We won't be gone long.  Tomorrow my love is taking me on a date after his MRI.  His doc happens to be in CT and his appointment is for early morning, so he was going to go down tonight, crash at his dad's place and get the MRI in the morning.  Well, I have tomorrow off as well and I thought it would be a fine time for him to put the pizza where his mouth is.  Um, right.  So, he has been complaining about pizza in Boston for years and gushes about how wonderful the pizza in CT is.  So I want to taste it for myself, this "what pizza should be" pizza. :-)  Now there's a date I can get behind.  The plan is to go to the 3 best pizza places in/around Hartford, CT and try a slice from each to give me the variety of excellent pizza available to my poor, ignorant pallete.  Now, I'm not sticking up for Boston pizza, because it really does suck for the most part.  But I like to push the envelope, broaden my horizons, that sort of thing.  So, onward, to a pizza adventure!


Yeah, most pizza nowadays is crap ;)

I must remember to one day make you my pizza - it's darn tasty, and would even meet E's floppy-crust preferences (and it's CHEAP to make - about $1.50/pizza)
You'll have to tell me where you went and give some reviews. I'm always looking for good pizza...
We were in New Haven. We went to Pepe's and Modern. Pepe's had better sauce and cheese. Modern had better toppings and crust. I'm a bigger fan of thick crust pizza than thin, so I may not be the best judge of this variety.