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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

The weekend was nice, if travelsome.  Being around a bunch of people I didn't know turned out to be only mildly uncomfortable and I only felt the urge to run a couple times, and I was too tired to do so.  The Cute Child was around again, and there was a well behaved, slightly cute 4 year old too.  Mostly druidwolf's relatives.  

I'm annoyed at work people.  If you are angry at what someone else did, why are you lecturing me about it like I did it?  And if you are unable to answer the simple question, "Why?" concerning an upcomming project direction without puffing up and shouting in a highly defensive manner that demonstrates your ineptitude more clearly than if you were to say you don't know, maybe you should examine the project and determine an answer, jackass.  "Because that's how we're doing it," is sometimes not a sufficient answer when it's going to cause other people lots of aggrivation.  Then I won't have to listen to a shouting match while trying to shrink behind my desk.

New roommate arrives tonight.  Hopefully i'll have some energy left to greet her when I get home.

the_hoyce is good at keeping me company. =-D

unseeliequeen, I still need your address!!


I'd be irked with work folks, too. People who project their crap on someone else, and then get defensive when they can't voice their own opinion? Yeah... not good.