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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

So it's hot.  I get worried about the cats when it gets like this.  There's usually at least one AC on somewhere in the house when it's this hot, a refuge.  But the cats mostly don't go in the rm with the AC.  I don't get it.  They look like they're about to die, they complain, Tink gets brushed twice a day (I don't know how she has any fur left), but they don't seem to like the AC.

My bodices are all but grommeted. :-D

On the last book of The Dark Tower.  Then it's Mirror, Mirror.  Then that will be time to get ready for the semester.  It's been a good summer for reading.  Not much else going on.


Do cats pant like dogs do? Paige and Sam showed me a cool (hahahah, I love puns) idea. They took a gallon milk jug, cleaned it out, filled it with water, and froze it. Then they put it by the bunny's cage on really hot days and it becomes a tiny little non-energy using air conditioner. I tried it for Spike today - only I used a water bottle, he thinks it's a toy. It's really cute. Anyway, maybe you could close the door in the coolest room and leave them in there for the time no one is home?
Sadly, cats don't pant to cool down. They lose most of their heat through their ears and the pads of their feet, which can make it tough for them to cool down. It's why lions sleep 20 hours a day ;)

A great way to help kitties cool down is similar to Paige and Sam's trick - cut the milk jug so you have the bottom 2-3 inches (file the edges, obviously, if they are sharp), fill this with water and freeze it. Take it out in the morning, and as it melts, your kitties have ice-cool water to drink for hours.
I can see the mess already...
Yeah, it can get messy as cats *love* to play in the cool water :P
Kitties don't take well to closed doors. They may not need to be on one side or the other, but damnit, they WILL have the option! heh
Cats are silly, but mostly because they make me sneeze and I just don't get them. ;) I like dogs, Spike is content to pull apart the kitchen and play in there all day, unless you're home and in another room. ;)