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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

Ok.  Over my initial shock and dismay, I have made myself a cup of cafe mocha from the new machine downstairs. 

This weekend was nice.  The rides went longer than expected, but no one got grumpy.  I got to see some people I don't often get to see and some people I hardly ever get to see.  There were many tacos eaten by all.  And I helpped!  I made guacamole happen and it was good, even though I got it all over me.  There was a toddler and it even touched me and I didn't run away, or even flinch!  It was actually...cute.  I didn't mind it being there and I wasn't uncomfortable at all.  I actually had the occasional impulse to play with it.  Him.  I didn't, mainly because I wasn't sure how to proceed with such a thing.  But the thought crossed my mind, and that was new.  They were right.  Parents paying enough attention to thier children makes a big difference!  Huzzah for good parents! stf_lc

I do not want birds.  My aunt had a bird who used to attack me every time I showed up if it was out of its cage.  I don't know why.  The thing just hated me.  There was a bird at revanent's place this weekend I wanted to pluck the feathers off of because it attacked first the_hoyce, then E.  It was cranky.  I cursed at it, flicked it's tailfeathers to make it fly off of E's shoulder, where it had been trying to bite his head, then threw a towel over its head so it could be put back in its cage.  It had previously gotten my sympathy when its rendition of a car alarm brought a cage rattling from a sleepy revanent.  But no longer.

And a note about stupidity and administration.  High-ups should have to take occasional trips to the places they oversee and experience thier policies put into practice to have any kind of relevant knowledge to base decisions on.  I hear that the parking lots located under 2 of the buildings on campus, which account for a LARGE portion of parking spaces on campus, have been permanantly closed off.  I don't know why.  It should be noted that during a normal school day, the lots get so crowded that alternate parking about a half mile away (but that students still have to pay $6 for) has to be opened.  Where on earth are they planning to put all those cars now?!?


Yeah, Umass Boston is 100% commuter. Now I'm hearing that they're going to make faculty and staff park 2 miles away and shuttle in. !!!
::facepalm:: Wow, the idiocy of people is just astounding!