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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

off to a good start

So wonderwoman79 is being awsomely awsome and creating a piece of wearable art for me that I have had fabric for for years now.  And because I over-bought, I am also getting another half-bodice piece, cuff set, and wrist bag for faire!  And her mom came over and helpped and Spike helpped too!  Yay for pretties!  (I can cut all day, but if I touch a sewing machine, it invariably gets upset.)  Tomorrow morning we're going to the fabric store to get boning, thread, and eyelets.  I'm excited.  I'll be able to dress up for the faire and have something for the wedding(s) this fall.

Slept poorly last night after hours of arm and leg flopping.  I couldn't stop fidgeting.  I think E loves me a little more now that I feel his world of getting too hot and fidgeting all the time.

Last night I started feeling really nervous for no reason.  My stomach had drunk butterflies inside.  Had a strong sense-memory of mother on the bus, which got my imagination going in tandum with bad memories and hte stomach stuff was probably some panic.  It stayed with me for a couple hours.  Maybe my body is sdjusting to the meds and I need a higher dose.  *sigh*


Yay for fabric pretties! I look forward to the days when I can use my skills with the sewing machine to make patterns come to life. Your curse with the machine? very similar to my curse with patterns :P

Bummer on the bad sleep. It's been ridiculously hot lately. When I went to bed at 11:30 last night it was still 85 out. Horrible conditions for sleeping.

::big hugs:: In my med-experience (so this may or may not apply to you), once my body actually starts feeling the stress relief from the meds, new memories and such will pop up to be re-processed. The body starts releasing that stuff from its stores when we're most stable, so when the meds kick in you'll have a burst of ick for a week or two. So hopefully, it will pass soon ::hugs::