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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

I am more than hoping to go home early tonight, I am downright planning on it.   My coworker not only left early last Thursday, but he's currently in the lounge taking a nap.  There's a game tonight and it's supposed to thunderstorm and I would like to get home before all that lets loose.  Not like last night.  Last night normally would have sparked a major panic attack, but I was snugly fit under my emotional condom and was only annoyed. 

The bus from school to the train took 15 minutes.  Then the train was delayed due to "electrical problems".  When it finally came, it was packed with people.  They were tired and hot.  Then, as the train started rolling away from the station, they announced that from the next stop they would be bussing all the way to Harvard Station due to a problem at Charles Station.  Now, some geography for those unfamiliar.  The stop they were bussing from is 3 stops from the problem station.  The place they were bussing to is about the same distance on the other side.  Why they had busses from that distance is beyond me.  So we (that's about 200 hot, tired, and now very irritated people) get off the train and go up the stairs to the street en masse.  Up on the street level, there is no bus to be seen and no one to tell us where to go.  People are using cell phones left and right and cursing and hailing taxis.  A bus comes, obiously not the right bus because it had a route number on it.  It got mobbed.  About half the subway people tried to board it.  Another bus came saying it was out of service.  It too got mobbed.  But this time an official got to it and told it to take them to Harvard.  They must have squeezed 60 people on that 40 person bus.  Then another bus came that actually said "red line shuttle".  Another 60 people.  I figured I was not in enough hurry to push my way onto either bus.  So I waited for the next one.  Meanwhile, another official came out to tell the rest of us that the red line was working again, we could all go back downstairs and get back on the train.  So we did.  And we waited another 10 minutes for the train.  At the next stop, all the people from the second bus had been dropped off there and told to get back on the train.  They were not happy.  I Rode the green line with no events, but when I got to Kenmore and went upstairs to get my bus, I discovered that a Red Sox game was letting out, so there were people everywhere.  By this time, it was 10:15.  It was hot and I was tired and I just wanted to get home.  Luckily the bus driver had the back door open to let passengers off and people with passes began boarding there, and what do you know, I have a pass!  So I was sneky and got a seat near the back.  Behind me there was a father and toddler.  Now I appreciate, especially after my train experience the other day with bad parenting, that the father was taking good care of the child, paying attention to it, even playing with it.  It was making happy squeals and laughs and whatnot.  I just wish he was not holding the child up so near the back of my head and my ears.

I was 15 minutes late for work today because Cutthroat Island was longer than I thought.  And it was Bad.  Badbadbad.  And not in the cool way.  Seems being late is still up there on my list of things that make me nervous and uncomfortable.  I suppose I should go read my script again.