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led astray

January 2013

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The side effects continue.

Read the script for the shoot this comming weekend.  It's cute.  My part is small, but fun.

Checked the library for the book I want to read so I don't have to spend money on it.  No luck.

It was hot today.  I didn't like it?!?

Weekend was pretty relaxing.  There was a train ride in which there was a yelling, then screaming child.  That's never fun.  I could feel myself tense up some, but I was a little too apathetic to care enough to actually move to another car.  And then there were sweets.  Goodness, the ammount of sugar I consumed!

And I'm falling behind on life.  There's so much to do and be done and I think I'm doing some of it but it's hard to tell.  It's out of focus, life is.  Just on the other side of this glass wall I'm behind.  Life is happening, but not really to me.  Or I'm not happening to life.  I'm neutral.  Neither for nor against myself.  Somewhere in here is a personality, and I know it's driving what I do, but I'm on autopilot.  I'm just doing things that get done and the reasons are taking a nap.  Motivation is still an issue, as is energy.  But the apathy and emotional distance from the emotions has reduced PMS considerably.  Is that a silver panty-lining?  Ok.  That was in poor taste.  My jokes have been getting worse too.


*I* thought it was clever and amusing.

Apathy and emotional distance can be good after a run of emotional hoo-ha. It's like a nap in the car when someone else is driving. Maybe you miss some nice scenery, but it's probably not critical, you still get to where you wanted to go, and you're a bit more rested when you get there so you can actually enjoy it. *hug*
Sometimes, our emotions need a little vacation, so we become distant for a while. It's normal and healthy - especially since you have that drive to want to do things, you know?