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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

not an update, but it seemed relevant

Written in response to someone else's mental status post:

Abuse leaves scars inside us and shapes how we develop.  We all want companionship and love and acceptance.  Those of us who have been abused don't know whether the next person is going to abuse us, so we are always suspicious.  And because we are suspicious, when someone doesn't abuse us (putting some of our suspicions to rest), they become a beacon of all the things we were denied and we cling to them.  But we still fear them.  They might take thier *what we need from them* away, or might be using it to hurt us more in the future, so we lash out at them to keep them at a distance, treating them like abusers because they just might be, or have been in our fears.  So I guess what I'm trying to say is that you're not crazy, but your mind works differently than people who didn't suffer abuse.   We just have to work harder to control that need and that suspicion, because they are both present in every living person.  Just our dials are turned way up.


So very well said, hun
Yeah. Look at me go, acting like I know what i'm talking about. :-P Making sense of what other people are going through helps me get a handle on what's going on for me. It's like reverse therapy.
I know the feeling! Reverse therapy is a great way of reassuring what you do know, and showing compassion for yourself and what you go through while helping other folks out, too :)
> Look at me go, acting like I know what i'm talking about.

One doesn't have to be at the destination yet to show others some of the steps along the path.