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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

longest tutorial evah

So Black and White 2 is just micro-management enough to satisfy my need to control everything, and (at least yet) just comes uinder the radar of panic with the ammount of things to keep track of at once.  But the cow telling me it really needs to poo and the ensuing fart noises made me chuckle enough to keep it going.  I meant to play for an hour then switch to Oblivion for 2 hours before getting ready for work.  But no, I was still finishing up the tutorial.  I mean, I could have stopped probably, but it didn't tell me I had to so I kept building.  Maybe I will alternate days/games.  

During gameplay, I started shaking.  I am not sure what it was from.  It was like adrenaline or caffeine rush, and while it has gotten better, it isn't gone yet.  It's lots of energy from nowhere trying to get out through my arms.  Maybe the B Complex vitamin and the Iron pill in tandem causing bizarre side effect.  Doesn't happen when just taking a Multi.

Meanwhile I finished the Drawing of the Three and don't have it to read at work tonight.  But I did bring my chinese book to practice since I haven't so far and I don't want to forget everything before the semester starts.  WIll I actually do it and not futz around online all night?  There's no telling.  But my coworker has gone down to his car for a nap, so I might get to leave early in trade.  The boss isn't in tonight.

I met a nice fellow on the bus because I wore my hair up and he wanted to know about my tattoo.  Turns out he works for the school paper which no one reads and is thinking about doing a piece on student tattoos.  I told him if he did I might read the paper and he laughed.  We talked about things going on at school and he is actually pretty knowledgable about what goes on around here.  He even flashed me his PRESS badge.  LoL.  So that was fun and I wasn't even scared of him in a stranger talking to me for no reason way.  Possible new friend.  And he's seen the Dark Crystal and likes it.


I did the same thing with the tutorial. When you go to the next land, they'll teach you more stuff, too.