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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

out of touch/sorts

The machine od doom has arrived, and after much fuss, is safe and sound and functioning properly.  Who knew a little thing like trying to get on the internet with a flash drive could cause the whole machine to say "NO"?  Oh, right, angel_heart did.  Then revenant scared the crap out of me over the phone after I woke him up begging for help.  (It wasn't the HDs).  And I had my first experience with a real live IT person who wasn't a friend.

Thursday I have taken off work to go to a wedding that I don't know how I'm getting to.  And I have no idea what to wear.  Do I dress up and risk overdressing?  Do I dress down and risk underdressing?  I am going to wear my fabulous new black heeled sandals either way, whether I look like a trust-fund baby or a trashy hooker, those shoes will be my name tag.  And what to do with all this damn hair?  Up or down?  Halfsies? Guh.

I need to make more friends who live closer to me so they don't have to spend the night whenever they want to visit.  Or so I could go visit them.  Not that I visit the friends I have who live a reasonable distance now.  I really need to get my license so my sweet man doesn't have to drive me everywhere I want to go that isn't on the T.


My house is on the T ;-)
I don't even go visit people I can walk to! ;-P
::hugses:: I look forward to our budget being better, too, so I can come visit you!
Yeah. Neat. I work evenings this summer. Who knows what Fall will be like.
Right on, then I could come see you during the day :)