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led astray

January 2013

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Having a bad few days.  But it's period time, so that's to be expected.  Wrote a letter and a list of symptoms for the doc next week on the sure bet that i'll be a drooling mass of shame and tears the moment I try to speak and I didn't want to take the chance at forgetting anything.  I found I had to go back to it 3 times already adding more things I remembered.  Good thing I didn't try to get all that out at once while upset.  I can rationalize that this in itself makes waiting worth the anxiety it produces.  Ahh, state university, where any important appointments have to be made a month in advance because the doc comes in once a week or twice a month, and then sometimes calls out sick. 

But today, I smell good, and that's one of those little things that makes me happy.  I have been in the habit lately of taking some of my slightly too sweet oils and cuting them with patchouli to tone them down some so they don't give me a headache.  It's working rather well.  And Eric doesn't mind the patchouli so much when it's cut with something like amber.

Computer still isn't here.  Probably tomorrow.  Hopefully.  Going to try Black & White 2.  Play God for real!!  And I can get a cow.  Or a monkey.  But I definately want a cow.


::big hugses::

The Cow is where it's at with B&W 2

I have a cow that even poops on my fields so they grow better - and he slaughters incoming enemy forces, too. The cow is so darn cute!
And in the expansion you can have a TURTLE!!!!!
Ooooh! I have to get the expansion. I want a war turtle!
+5 war turle OF DOOOOOOM!
:) I laugh hysterically when I see my War Cow start steaming out his ears - he gets the "HULK SMAAAASH" face.

I can't even imagine that on a turtle... Just absolutely hysterical!

War turtle of dooooooom. That's the quote of the day! ;)


Wow this must confuse a lot of the goth kids around you.

Re: Patchouli

There aren't many goth kids around me. In fact, I think the only goth kids I know are men in thier 30's! Oh, and the Elven Ice Bitch herself, unseeliequeen. A lot of people I know HATE Patchouli, but I love it. *shrug*