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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

This weekend several of us went to Jersey for revenant's birthday.  We went to Dorney Park and Wild Water Kingdom.  It was hot as balls, so I was having a great time, while others were less happy-time having.  Eric only fell once and I caught him.  I'm such a good SO!  He was better after we got him in the water, at which point I started having less fun because the water was about 50 degrees, and my lips were turning blue about the time Eric started feeling better.  But after the water park it cooled off a bit and we had dinner in a restaurant with A/C.  By then everyone was at least ok with the temperature, and I wish I had had the $20 on me to buy the pic of Eric smiling with his arms up in one of those rollercoaster snapshots.  It was precious.  My favorite ride was the open-footed Talon.  Meanwhile, thehoyce went to visit his mother in the Poconos.

Sunday on the way back we stopped in at E's dad's house.  That's always interesting.  Thier poor dog is blind and deaf and limps.  Ooooold dog.  Dr. G. showed us his latest antiquing projects and old modeling pics of his daughter and Jennifer Connoly, then we had lunch and were sent home with a large ammount of BBQ wings and a new lazer printer and a couple spare cartridges for it.  *shrug*  I'm not complaining, but that guy is weired.  When we finally got home, the men (mainly Hoyce) put in the upstairs A/Cs so Eric and I could sleep.

Today I had my teeth cleaned, which ran late so I couldn't go home to get an extra shirt for air conditioned work or pack a lunch.  I went to school early and ate at the caf, knowing I would fel ill after.  But that never really prepares me.  So now I am cold and have stomach pain from school food and the inexplicable emotional rollercoastering of PMS.  Yay.


Yay for getting time with loved ones and rollercoasters!
Sad panda on being sick!

Also, if you would like to borrow some of my long-sleeved shirts for the summer, I'm happy to share!