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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

new toothbrush

It shouldn't have been difficult.  All I wanted was a new toothbrush.  I was having a good day.  I cleaned the bathroom, painted a little wooden sign for the Oikos, and threw out my toothbrush.  I walked proudly up the block to CVS.  The streetlight on the corner wasn't working, so I had to wait a while for the confused cars to realise I wanted to cross and I had a crosswalk and am in a state with laws for that sort of thing.  I traipsed up to the door, and there I found a sign: CLOSED NO ELECTRICITY.  Well, that explained the streetlight.  Luckily, I had brushed my teeth before throwing out my old toothbrush.  I figured I would leave work early and stop by and see if they had regained power on the way home.  I live in a area where power outages aren't tolerated for very long.  Well, work went fine until about 7 when my coworker, the only other person responsible for this job, asked if he could leave early.  He had been letting me leave early for nearly 2 weeks.  I couldn't refuse.  So I called home and requested a ride to be sure I made it back before CVS closed, as the evening commute can take upwards of 2 hours on a bad night, and I wasn't leaving until 9:15 when all the equipment got back.  So the elf assassin squad came to pick me up.  The ride was pleasant, although it freaks me a bit when he rolls his head around like that while driving that speed on the highway.  CVS was packed.  I suppose lots of other people had had the same idea when they tried to go in for thier toothbrushes earlier in the day, or whatever else they were in there to buy.  That combined with the fact that they had rearranged the store interior were the key reasons for my panic attack.  I got dizzy, had trouble breathing, dissociated a bit here and there, had guilt, fear and rage all swirling around together in my head, making it difficult to walk.  But thanks to the brute force of support and maniacal levity of my elves, I made it out of there with not only a new toothbrush, but some other needed household items, no tears shed. 

The smallest things sometimes become the longest, suprisingly difficult productions.  More things should be simple.  Buying a new toothbrush should be simple.


*note to self-send Maggie toofbrushes!*

...the phrase "elven assassin squad" just made me so very sad. I miss you guys.


the Elven Ice Bitch Brute Squad
We miss you too, Elven Ice Bitch!