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led astray

January 2013

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i lied

Seems I told a lie of misinformation. My comp DOES meet the minimum requirements to play WoW. And with more and more people I know playing and keeping in touch long distance that way, I have to think about it. Damn it. *ponders*

One would think I had better things to think about during my break from studying to take the Writing Proficiency Exam tomorrow. That's right. Despite having to take English 101 and 102, and despite 6 semesters in a row of Dean's f*ing List, I have to prove to the administration that I know how to write an essay. That's right. Of all the things I learn in college, I think essay writing will be the least useful skill to help me get along in the outside or "real" world. Fuck you, UMass requirements. Why can't I get opted out for having a 3.83?!? *whine* Oh, well. It's just a few hours of writing. I hope they give us computers, rather than making us do it by hand.


Speaking as a 400+ played days (yes, RL 24 hour periods logged into EQ), I gotta give this obligatory warning before I make any recommendations :P Modern MMORPGs are stupidly addictive, at times inconceivably frustrating, and (if allowed to) will eat up every single moment of your free time (and some of your I_should_be_doing_something_else time too!)

WoW is breathtakingly beautiful with the details turned on at even a moderate level. If your computer is at the low end of the requirements, you'll definitely get the itch to upgrade.. (especially if you're in combat and some spell effect graphic or something drags your machine down and your character winds up dying because of it)

There are an uncanny number of players, and TONS of Nero people are playing it (WoW is also the reason why we haven't seen a number of Nero players of late :P) For the social aspect, its an awesome way to keep in touch (or interact period) people who are "far away" (or just live in the game for that matter :P)

WoW at this point is an "old game", so many people you know who play are going to be pretty high level... I looked into starting to play it about a year after it came out, and most of the people I knew playing it were already level 50... If you can find a group of people willing to play a low level char with you, or spend some time showing you the ropes and helping you level, go for it!

I personally chose to stick with EQ... WoW is without a doubt a far superior game, but when I looked at the amount of time + energy I put into EQ, and the energy it would have taken me to achieve some degree of notoriety (or uberness) in WoW, EQ was a simple choice for me.

They don't call it World of Warcrack for nothin'. It's a massive time sink.

There's some frustrations along the way to the "end game" content (when you stop levelling, reach the level cap, and start "grinding" - repeatedly doing a particular task for items/reputation.), but levelling generally isn't too bad. Depending upon what server you go on, there's plenty of folks who will help. And with the expansion coming out in a few months, there's going to be a whole new crop of low-level characters.
I get addicted to any video game I play. I just usually do it alone. But I am generally able to keep my head about it and do what needs to get done. I just miss my friends so much because all you bastards live far away from me. *pout* But someday I will build a commune where we all shall live. And Jen August said we'll raise goats. Muhahahahaha! *ahem* But I was thinking of it as a way to interact with people I don't get to see often. I'm shy about making online friends of people I don't know in real life anyway.
College am good to riting learn. They teech it guud. I taked eight years of college and I rite gr8t. They am stupid at yer skool. I wood tell them "no I rite fine"

skools R dum.

LOL I love your icon!
Tell Beth, she made it for me.

It is pretty awesome though...