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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

So i'm not asking anyone besides myself and the universe, but does it mean anything if I can see a photograph of a person I haven't seen in over 5 years, taken on the other side of the country, and know exactly what that person is thinking (verified by said person)? Or is it another of the slew of strange instances of random empathy I occasionally have? Once upon a time, my superpower was that about twice a year, a stranger would tell me thier life story, thier deepest secrets, thier dreams and fears, then look at me, shake thier head, and tell me they have no idea why they just told me all that. Sometimes they would stay, and sometimes they would vanish as randomly as they appeared. This hasn't happened in a few years. I wonder if I have lost something, if I have cut myself off from my fellow beings, tied up as I am in my own little bubble of "things I have to do." Life is odd sometimes.


Eh... I don't know... you're still pretty perceptive, IMO. Even if it's not full-blown empathy, it counts for something.
Eh, probably for the better. People suck anyway.

That said, you are still amazingly perceptive. You can read me like a frelling book most of the time. Not that that's especially difficult really...

Wait, I thought your magical non smelly feet were you're super power.