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led astray

January 2013

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stuff report

It hasn't stopped raining for four days. It all started when I went to A's house, so I blame her. ;-P That must mean the only way to stop it is for her to come to my place! Teehee.

China program got canceled. Suck.

Called grandma for mother's day. She asked me again what I want to be left in her will. THanks for that warm sentiment, grandma. I'm glad you're preparing, but come on! Asking what of your stuff I want when you die?!? It feels dirty. I hate when she does that. That's right, more than once she has done this. I know she's depressed. I know she's lonely. I told her to come up. I told her to leave the fucktard who treats her like crap. I tell her I love her all the time. She would rather wallow and get ready to die than do anything about it and it's pissing me off. The woman still golfs and square-dances, for goodness sake, it's not like she's terminally ill! She's manipulating me for sympathy and I don't know why. I call her fairly regularly. I invite her to visit. She doesn't have to pull this attention-getting nonsense on me. Maybe i'm over-reacting.

In other news, I skipped NERO this weekend due to needing to not get sick so I can have my wisdom teeth out next week. All 4 of them. This weekend, one of the ones comming out has become infected and I need to leave work early to go to BUDS and get antibiotics. And in preparation for showing people the apartment, I cleaned quite a bit this weekend between bouts of Oblivion-ing. Dwarven arrows are awsome. Horse, also awsome. On my way to buying a house that I think is haunted. Will-O-Wisps, not so awsome if you're having your life sucked out of you by one. How to combat it? Spell-drinker dagger. Awww-yeah. 'Course, it has enough charge to kill but one. And realism is cool, but sucks at the same time. I did a dungeon that had mad loot that I couldn't carry back all at once, even with feather on, so I was making several trips, and lo, on the 3rd trip back, bandits had looted my loot! They were still there and thier stuff wasn't nearly as good as the stuff they looted from me. *pout* LoL It's pretty, and really big. And I maintain that the best feature is that I can walk away anytime I want because I'm playing by myself and the gameworld will stop for me if I need a snack.

School is over for the semester. Just finishing up my work hours. Hopefully I can get re-hired for the summer.


Bummer on the China program. Are they going to try to do it later on in the year at least?

The situation with your grandma is odd... it does seem like she's manipulating you for attention, but I can't put my finger on why. Like you said, you give her lots of attention and support, you validate her feelings. The only thing I can think of is she might be wanting a rescuer to come and swoop her out of there... but I think you already offered her a safe place to go to if she left. So odd. Sorry it's continuing to be really tough emotionally ::hugs::

I'm still planning on coming to visit sometime next week when you're mellowing at home :) Yay for being able to take the car!
That's a fabulous theory - I'm coming over today! :)