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led astray

January 2013

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cracks in the ceiling of my self-inflicted mud-cave dungeon

E got a job offer! It's walking distance! It pays lots more! The health insurance blows, but the rest is so good he can't not take it. That will reduce his stress so much. I am so glad for him.

I got a lot of things done yesterday that had been stressing me out, not because they were a great weight, but because it was more shit I had to do, little or not. I am mostly caught up to a place where I can feel good about school. Have to study some Chinese, work on my monologues, and write a paper about what could be good about Christianity. This is the week of show, so it's 14 hour days at school again. But it's helping me get my work done to not be around anyone for hours at a time. Gets pretty lonely though.

Near the end of the month I am having my wisdom teeth out. I am actually kind of excited about it. I will have a medical excuse to lay on the couch for a week and do squat. Or maybe beg Beth to play Oblivion. *so pretty* I would be open to visitors, but I can't promise I would be a good hostess.

And today in audition techniques class, my scene partner and I got up on stage and did our cold read-through with no interruptions. Now, to those who don't know this professor, that's an accomplishment. He'll stop you and mock you for anything. (The playful mockery, not mean spirited.) He said we'd get a callback. I was floored. I felt the blood rushing to my face. I know he's just one prof in one school in one class, but it feels good to be told I'm good at what I do. *happy wiggle*


WOOOOOT on the job offer for E! I'm glad there's a place that'll be easier on him emotionally and financially.

Huzzah on the read-through, too. It's awesome to be able to notice someone giving you a compliment, even if it's done silently :)

Depending on when you have your teeth out, I'd jump the train in to hang out with you :) No worries on being a good hostess, I'm happy to hang with you even if you're drugged and cranky
It's the 22nd. E is staying home that day because I have to have a ride, but the rest of the week i'll be alone. I would love you to come visit. :-)
Very cool. I'm writing it on the calendar so I can see what days I can come down (not sure when M'll need the car, etc.) :) Wooot.