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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

productive day

I'm being highly productive today. I registered for Fall classes, registered for some stupid exam they make me take to show them that I can write an essay, turned in my application to go to China this summer *cross fingers*, and I am reading homework. I also am working 8 hours instead of my usual 4 today because i have to be on campus at 6:30 to run lights for show rehersal, so I figured I would use up some of the money they have for me to make up for taking days off to go to NERO.

Time for my yearly Spring rant. It's May. Why do I still need a sweater and a jacket to go outside?!? Get warm already! End rant.

Reading the Gospel of Mark with commentary is interesting at times. I just have to keep reminding myself that the man has a Th.D. from Harvard divinity school and knows his shit. And try not to get angry. That's the real kicker, to read this stuff and try to figure out what would make it good, when I have spent so many years criticizing it and finding it's flaws. *sigh* *attempts to pull head out of ass momentarily* I know there must be something good in the teachings. Just have to find it and wash off centuries of oppression and imperialism.

Less than 2 weeks until NERO. Rarrrowl!


Woot on the possible China trip! :D

I'm with you on the spring rant. I just want my poor plants to be able to live outside. It's May already... why all the flipping frost???

I'm glad you're feeling productive - the New England spring doldrums can be a life-sucking maw!