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led astray

January 2013

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led astray


This weekend went pretty well. The event as written was really awsome, but the meat-locker rain did a number on my ability to play at all Saturday/night. I still had fun though. It's nice to play a character who wants to hit things. But I made more money being cute than killing things. I'll be a little sad when Tamsen has to grow up. But at least there wasn't high-drama, Issy style. My biggest concerns were over getting my armor ripped to shreads and my silver weapon not hurting some of the bad guys. IG and OOG I did want to smack one person. *rant time* Fucking Simon Fancy Hat! What a prick. Look, dude, I know you have issues with women, but you seriously need to stop fucking talking to me like that before I claw your eyes out. I am a human being with intelligence and feelings and I do not need your derision, you waste of oxygen. I almost wish I could provoke you into slapping me so you couldn't play anymore. Or maybe I'll just have Tamsen run you through and hide you under a cabin during a wave battle. She doesn't like you either. Maybe it's because you talk to women like someone would talk to a sewer rat. I hope for your sake that you're gay, because I cannot imagine a woman in her right mind who would give you the time of day after you've opened your mouth. *end rant* Other than the rain and the asshole, I had a good time. Dave came and I think he had a good time. I actually want to go play Ashbury again next month. Huzzah.

Now to catch back up on homework...


::big hugs:: I'm glad Nero was good despite the assholery and rain :)
::laughs:: Waste of oxygen is a good description. ::sighs:: I think that guy gets on everyone's nerves.
An asshole misogynist who pissed off people of the opposing gender? Hold on! No...my mistake, I wasn't even at that event. I feel better (if at least safer). Feel free to pummel whoever this jerk is (even, or ESPECIALLY, if he doesn't wear a wig!).

Could this be Stephan??

He did not wear a wig. Perhaps he should, so I can beat him about the head and neck with it. I'm mostly over it. I have decided that if he gets in my face again, I am prepared to pay the IG fine for assault.