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led astray

January 2013

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looking for a summer job

I think I know what I want to do for the summer:
I want to go up high! I want to wash windows on the upper stories of tall buildings. Or maybe I could hang lights for events. Something along those lines. I love heights and most people don't. Especially since I heard that some people dis when the scaffolding broke on Boyleston St., I figure there will be some openings.
The Problem:
I don't know where to find said up-high jobs. I have been looking at staffing and temp places online, but most of them seem to be professional junk that I don't want. Office or tech jobs. Is that a tech job? Does anyone know how I can get an up-high job?!?


Hrm... I'll poke around and see what I can find. I'm sure someone I know will know how to get those jobs :)
Sweet. Thanks.
I know that if you want to hang lights for shows you need to look into the stage crew aspect of theatre - I had a bunch of friends who did that "back in the day"
I figured you probably already knew that but thought I would let you know. :)
Plus, a lot of people who use scaffolding are doing construction, roof repairs and the likes - Paige Hubbel was into both of those things(construction and stage crew) She may have some names or connections for you :)
I saw an add in the Boston globe this weekend - for a job described as "tree climber" :) That sounds like an "up high" job - I kept it in case your interested - I'll try to run it over to you sometime this week :)