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led astray

January 2013

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The show is almost over. That means I get my life back for a while! I can get back to studying Chinese and working on my costume for April. Still need trim. The show has been a lot of fun, but at the same time my character required me to go to unfun places in my head. My main challenge was to physicallize an internal monologue of suffering, anger, and subconscious pleas for help from people who were essentially ignoring me (the character me, not the real me). So really, I played myself at 17, angry, depressed, not knowing how to get the help I swore I didn't need. And as much as I can separate IG and OOG, going to that place does have a cumulative effect on my headspace. So this week I am going to recenter myself and remember all the good things I have going for me almost 10 years later. (We were listening to old Salt N Peppa in the green room and "Whatta Man" came on and I smiled really big, thinking about how I could finally feel good about singing along to it! [Later we "Shoop"-ed onstage in costume in a circle to warm up.])

Good Stuff:
Friends who don't suck. And are in fact really frikkin awsome!
Discovery of my special calling in life: acting.
Upcomming film projects.
Being able to read some Chinese and understand it.
Awsome apartment.
Costuming projects. I like working with my hands.
Grandma being unable to tell me I'm failing just because I'm not doing what she wants me to do.
Cushy job where I can do homework and post to LJ.
Getting phonecalls from my producer while out having Nigerian food with the cast of my current show.
Cute new video games for me to watch other people play. (Psychonauts. Anyone with any psych backround or interest should check it out!)
Creation of a webpage. spryngsnowstorm.googlepages.com
But where would I be without the love and unconditional support of my very favorite person, Eric? He means so much to me. He's the very best thing I have outside of myself. So if you see him around, give him a big hug for being wonderful.


I'm so glad you're happy... you're awesome!