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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

Where did that truck come from??


The Chinese midterm didn't go nearly as badly as it could have. I forgot a few words, but I think the grammar points I remembered will balance it out. I didn't get an 'A' but I didn't fail either. So that's one big monkey off my back. At work today i am going to do homework for the classes I skipped yesterday, then try to find a cozy spot for a nap before rehersal. The director has us listen to 90's music in the green room while we're getting ready, which is pretty cool. There is a lot of tension in the air which the cast of course lets out in strip-tease. LOL. There is one make-shift changing room and 9 cast members who want to change and go home NOW, so we make a joke of it. But I have been trying to wear nice underwear. My eyes are still recovering from yesterday's ridiculous crying over stupid shit all day. Other than that, I'm just fucking tired.


::big hugs:: Yeah, it's that kind of day it seems... but we've got our seven dwarves of crankiness completed...
Can I make an icon request? It's not necessarily for me, but for the good of all. George Bush with a hand gesture like Emperor Palpatine with lightning and all and glowing yellow eyes, maybe bad teeth. Tag: "Darth Idiot"
HAHA. Sure!
Thanks. I could use some of those. I miss being home and hanging out. I hope Saturday will recharge me some.