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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

spring break...party?

So it's Spring Break. That means that i'm chilling on a warm beach drinking lemonade and eyeing up oiled men like steaks, right? Wrong. I'm as busy as usual. Today I have an appointment with the oral surgery department of BU School of Dentistry and yoga at some point. But before that, a highly girly trip to a store called Windsor Button. That's right, a button store. Who knew?
But I am in need of hundreds of 1/4 inch studs for a jacket piece for the April NERO event where I will be playing my fighter who is in need of some armor, and cheap. So I am bastardizing a maroon leather coat i had that was too small in the shoulders and had begun popping apart in the arm seam. I cut off the collar and sleeves. The collar (at least in theory) will be made into some pointy shoulder piece that sylvanstargazer assures me has a name (I forgot it).  And the sleeves will become bracers.  This time I am going to put some boning in them so they stay where they belong and don't become heavy wrist guards like the last attempt. :-P
Then Tuesday and Thursday I agreed to work 8-4 at school since I had to be there later for rehersal anyway and I can always use more cash.  During the work time I plan to study Chinese and maybe work on my coat, then rehersal, except Thursday, when there is light hang before rehersal.  Wed and Fri are work on coat and yoga days.  I would like to get some time to hang with playitasitlays this week and if it's out, watch Brokeback Mountain.

Last night I was pissed at my Assistant Stage Manager.  After a line-through she lost her shit and was cursing at us and throwing her books on the floor and basically talking to us like we had toilet-papered her house because we didn't do the lines perfectly.  I really didn't think we did that badly, especially for a Sunday evening with no visual cues and missing a couple people.  She seriously overreacted and I did not appreciate being talked to like that.  But today I am only mildly annoyed and I expect I'll be completely over it by tomorrow.  But I have lost a ton of respect for her.



Let's hang out. Sometime's I feel like a UMass Drama outcast, but Then I examine the composition of the inner circle, And I am glad to be a floater. Let's try to float together sometime.

Re: Hey

Agreed. Give me a call. I'm free Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.