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led astray

January 2013

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led astray


Yesterday was a really swell day (with the exception of getting upset about my grandmother's roommate/boyfriend jerk). I got caught up on my Chinese homework and we watched part of an old Jet Li movie for class. Work was a breeze. On the way home, I got a trim cause i was getting split ends, then I got some super intense conditioner for it and pampered my hair, then decided to skip yoga and spend some time appreciating my hunnie in the form of a date. We went to a place we hadn't been before at angel_heart's suggestion and it was really tasty. I dressed up. Stockings and everything. Then we came back and hung out with thehoyce, and went to bed early. ;-)

Today is pretty good. My first class was canceled, so Piper and Aaron and I went to the caf to run lines. Got my homework for next class done in the first hour of work. But for some reason, my stomach doesn't like the fruitcup I gave it as a treat. I knew the cafeteria food makes me queezy, but I didn't think it would extend to the frikkin fruit! *sigh* Now I know. The cheap pizza and cheap sushi are the only things there that don't make me feel ill for hours after consuming. Which seems strange to me. But I sent Grandma an email today telling her I think she should leave that jerk. Hopefully she won't get mad at me. I just love her and i hate that after years of making sure all her girls and thier girls grow up strong and independant women, she is letting this guy mentally and emotionally abuse her! SO ANGRY!!! Anyway. The rest of the day should be cake-like. Next week is spring break with only 2 rehersal days. Whoot! I need to find a leather-working supply store to work on a NERO jacket for my kitty over break.


yay for pampering and dates! :D

Sad on the Grandma front, though - I'm sending lots of love your way (as I'm not sure I'd be able to focus on her specifically).

And what are you needing for leather working supplies? Tandy Leather (they've got a website, I think it's tandyleather.com) has a wide variety, and http://store.wanderingbull.com/ has a lot of leather for good prices :)
Cool, thanks. Now to find out what they charge for faster shipping.
You may want to get in touch with Paige - she can do amazing things with leather - I can get you her email if you want :) she made me a wicked nice leather bodice :)
I kinda wanted to do it myself over spring break. I am basically trying to modify a modern leather coat (that the sleeves ripped off of) and make it into something J'Kar-esque. And if I get done with that, I want to stud my suede pants for more armor points. Cause what good is being a fighter without any armor?