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led astray

January 2013

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Things I learned from my audition:

1) Bring a snack. I thought I was being clever when I brought a bottle of water to the audition. Little did I know that I would be waiting that long and that by the time I got to see the director(s) my stomach would be audibly growling.

2) Wear more comfortable clothes. At the suggestion of a working actress, I wore a skirt that I could move in because it was for a peroid film, and sensible heels. Well it was cold that day so I also wore spandex pants under that and a slip and a jacket that looked good, but I couldn't move well in. And it was frikkin chilly in the waiting room and my hands and feet were freezing.

Both of the above make for an uncomfortable girl, which leads me to

3) Fuck it! I was so nervous and uncomfortable that I was stiff, a big nono, and I had to be asked to speak up, another big nono. By the time they got around to asking me to read for a bit part, I had chilled some because these guys may as well have been DnD buddies, and at least one of them knew what LARPing was when he read it on my resume, I could move and be loud, so I got a bit part as a vampire who gets killed in under a minute. And I am thankful for the film credit and hopefully it will build a relationship with the production company for future endeavors. And I may have a callback for another short film they had me read for at the same time. But the fact reamins that my audition sucked and I feel awful about it, especially since I am taking a class on how to do it well. But it was the first out of school, and I will assume that I will improve over time.


Druid said just about everything I had wanted to say, right on.

It does say something to your talent that even though you feel you may have botched your audition, that you still *got* a part, even if it is small. All actors have to start somewhere. Check out imdb for some of your favorite actors - almost all of them will have "Vampire #23" in their credits.
I believe I will be vampire #2 or #3. But I have a name. :)
See? Even better! You have a *name*

That's impressive for a vampire movie!
Thanks. *I like to get things right the first time.*
I saw this thing in a magazine the other day - it was Brad Pit with huge 80's hair - in a no name 80's movie. If memory serves me correctly he was in a bathtub with bubbles all around him looking ridiculous. My point is - everyone starts somewhere hun and I'm sure every great actor has their crazy "my first movie" story. Just be happy you didn't have big 80's hair and weren't in the tub for your first movie experience ;)
Congrats and I'm proud of you :)