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led astray

January 2013

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I am not Catholic, as you well know. I'm not any type of Christian. But the idea of Lent is oddly appealing to me this year. I have an excess that i want to try to give up for a while to work on being a better person. So I am going to give up saying shitty things to people. Even if they REALLY need to hear them and no one else has the guts. This is not my responsibility. If I am going to be selfish enough to try to work out my own damn problems by myself, then I should extend that courtesy to others and work on minding my own damn business. If I think of something shitty to say to someone, I will instead give them a gentle smile and hope that thier lives will improve on thier own. Quietly and to myself. I have recently wasted way too much emotional energy being angry about situations that would not have arisen if I had followed the above advice.

I find I suddenly have a lot less to say. Maybe that's a good thing.


Lent be damned, you let me know if I'm being a putz. How else am I supposed to know?
I'm with Hoyce - though I understand entirely why you are doing this, feel free to include me on the list of folks for whom Clue By Fours are welcome.

Huzzah that you're doing something that will (hopefully) impact your life positively. Lent, though plagued by the dogma of the church, is at heart a great 'holiday' to focus on what we'd like to change in ourselves.

One by one, we will reclaim the good holidays from the going-through-the-motions folk of the world