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led astray

January 2013

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exciting times

Some potential for good news: I have an audition! It's for a little indie B&W 18th century vampire flick in RI, but it will be my first film credit if I get it. (Of course I had a nightmare about it last night. After waiting for hours and hours and having to get to the back of the line a few times and bad lunch food from a vendor cart, when I finally got on the stage it started to storm. There was fire raining down and Ice raining down and a huge wave washed over the stage from behind me, knocking me and my scene partner over and drenching us. Then the director said "thank you" and I never got to say anything. But the whole time Eric was in the waiting room being very calm and just hoping I did well. But then of course I felt guilty that he had to wait so long for me.)

And my professor who is a working actor (not Wendy, but Michael) said he was at a casting agency last night and heard that a TON of big movies are comming up this way to film because of some new tax break laws that passed, and gave us sites to check out to find out when they're comming.

Meanwhile, rehersals for subUrbia are going well. But I have been feeling really off the last few days. Don't know what's up, but my brain won't stop going. I don't feel like I've gotten enough sleep, even though the hours I put into it are plenty. Hopefully it's just school and play stress and it will pass.


Woot for opportunities and ::hugs:: for nightmares.