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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

ahhh, Guilt

You old bitty, I missed you! I guess that's because I haven't done anything to attract your attention in such a long time. How the hell have you been?

I skipped Chinese class today because I was not prepared to face the class and fail to remember the dialogue I was supposed to memorize. I could not go through that again, after seeing that everyong else in the class could do it. Humiliation, I thought I told you not to call me anymore! I know I can't do this every time I have an oral performance scheduled.

It didn't help that some jackass behind the house (right where my window faces) STARTED SNOWBLOWING at 2AM!!!!! This was after him squeeling his tires for 15 minutes trying to get into wherever he plowed. There was no way I was going to be able to speak Chinese after that. That's not an excuse, it's just icing on the cupcake of my not studying enough. After I finish Firefly, I think no more TV at all till summer. I just can't be doing this socializing and still expect to get my work done. It's times like this I wish I had my own room I could shut myself in when there are other people in the house. I love company, but I have no will power to make myself study if someone else is there and it is really hard for me to pull myself away. *sigh* *grits teeth* Must study more, socialize less.


Hrm... I need to get cracking on my Mandarin tapes - then we could socialize *and* practice