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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

chinese and yoga

I got a 91 on that pesky Chinese test! Whoot! Had to Bust My Ass to do it too. So when I complained about having to work so hard for my grade, my sweet loving man mocked me relentlessly, to which I say :-P. *sigh of resolve*

Got to do the yoga class. Wow, am I out of shape. It was a lot of sun salutations, which I'm not a big fan of. I like Hatha style, where I get to take a breath or two between postures. And it was way cold, with bad accoustics, and the girl talked through half of the shivasana (sp?) (ending meditation) after doing too much new-agey junk-talk through the session. But it's far too convienient and far too free for me to not go there and pay $85/month to go to the studio I like. I am going to suck it up and take what's free and be glad to have it. *another sigh of resolve*

To combine these two thoughts, my Chinese teacher showed up to the yoga class. I told her about it Monday, and I guess she decided that would be good for her too. She says I speak well and that my characters are nice. :-) Now if only I could remember how to make them!

I am trying to figure out how to get my computer to type in simplified chinese characters. Not sure what i'm doing. I downloaded something, but I haven't gotten anywhere with it, and Microshaft is failing to install office 2003 updates for me for some unknown reason. Any suggestions?


Have you seen that "hot yoga" phenomenon? They make the studio like, nearly 100 degrees and do yoga! I don't think there is ANYTHING I'd like to do in a 100 degree room.

Shadow says "mrr mrr hurrrrrrrr!" to you just now!
I did the hot yoga over the summer. I LOOOOOOOOOVE it. I wish I could afford to keep going. But it's $85/month, and the cold one at school is free. The heat is so good. It relaxes the muscles and sweat pours out and just oh, it's so good! It's like really energetic sex, only slow.
Try making sure you have all of your Windows and Office updates run before you try installing the new software. Sometimes the update engines don't like to relate well to MS Software.
The updates won't go. I don't know why.