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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

School is back in session. All of my classes will be great except for chinese, which will be really difficult. But I have someone in class who got an A in 101 to help me study this semester. So hopefully that will help. And as usual, I wanted to take several classes that all happened at the same time, so I was not able to be a Wendy groupie this semester, due to stupid requirements for graduating, like intermediate seminar. And probably this summer I will have to take the Writing Proficiency Exam to prove to them that I have coherent thoughts and can read. And I will be on the lookout for a summer job. I need approximately $1000/month to live, which covers rent, bills, transportation, and groceries. But that's to worry about later.


one idea

You're probably not interested at all in book publishing, but it doesn't involve customers. Both my friend Cat and I interned at Pearson Education for a summer and had a good experience. It paid pretty well, $12 an hour, and was light-weight work (mostly research, email, some projects, all in an office and basically dealing with my boss). The women who organized the program's email is anne.adamo@pearsoned.com

I did a quick search for chinese-related internships and came up with nada, but there has to be some company in Boston that deals with China ;-)

Good luck!

Re: one idea

If I am going to intern somewhere, I would like to do a theater internship. Going to be in touch with people at school who may know more about it. But thanks. I may yet need a summer job.
When it's a little closer to summer I'll start keeping an eye open for admin and clerk positions at our division up there. Referals are supposed to be the easiest way to get hired in this company. Let me know if there's something specific you want to look into.
Something specific: NO CUSTOMERS!!!
Okey dokey!