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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

breif notes

I will never draw on lined notebook paper again, lest years from now I must spend hours in photoshop with a 3 pixel paintbrush removing the lines. Again.

Being short sucks because they don't make cool pants that I don't step on.

I don't think men understand why we have to cut off the rest of our nails if one breaks. It's like missing a toe. It just feels off and uneven. Especially when we have to type.

I'm going to go watch Shaun of the Dead. Neat.

I still want to see Brokeback Mountain, because it's hot.

I still want to be an actress and get paid for it.


Were the lines on the paper blue? You can turn all of one color into another color, so as long as the drawing isn't in blue, you should be able to eliminate it pretty quickly :)

I totally agree on the pants, I hem a lot of mine. I also agree on the nail thing... sometimes I'll kinda leave some of the other ones a little bit longer, but it drives me nuts to have one shorter than the others.

Shaun of the dead is most excellent, enjoy! :) And I'd happily see Brokeback Mountain with you :)

And when I get famously rich, I'll pay you to put on your own stage productions in my ampitheater :)