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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

Have energy, will type.

I kinda want to say something today, but I don't really have anything. I think i'm just hyper and itching for something to do. I already vaccumed the entire upstairs. Next I am going to do the stiars and maybe vaccume and mop the entire downstairs. Maybe. It's in the 50's so I am airing out the house. That seems so silly to say, but it's the warmest it's been in months and with people getting colds it could use a good dose of fresh air. *I refuse to get sick.*

My medicine has individual foil packets. Over the packets are little perforated cardboard puch-outs with a picture of a side view of a pregnant woman with a red circle/line over it. Let me tell you, this amuses the crap out of me twice a day. I think I want to save some of them to glue to notebooks, maybe my computer tower. No Babies! ROFLMAO



I don't think I've ever seen that symbol before, but I'd love to have one of those stuck to my bathroom mirror - "No babies yet!"

At least the medicine's well marked with warnings, though :)
I'll save you one!

Yeah. There is no side of the box that doesn't say Do Not Get Pregnant on it in some form. And there's a big booklet and forms in triplicate I had to sign saying that I am using 2 approved forms of birth control. There's even a wallet card reminding me not to get pregnant. I think they're trying to tell me something.
:) The funny thing is, that with all this "DO NOT GET PREGNANT" stuff everywhere... you know there's *someone* who won't get the message, or didn't get the message with just one or two reminders, which made all the redundancy necessary :P Stupid humans... and of course *they're* the ones that breed!


LOL - reminds me of the simpsons episode where all kids and people younger than 60 were curfued ;)
I would giggle every time I saw that! The international sign for No Babies! Heeheehee!
I made it an icon! Teehee.