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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

day to day

Not too much going on today.  It's cold and rainy.  Hung some art that  revenant  gave me.  (http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/dmvanness/detail?.dir=b8f8&.dnm=d4d9.jpg&.src=ph)  My big plans are laundry and vaccuming and working out, cause it seems I have high cholesterol.  My risk factor was low because I'm not overweight and don't have blood sugar problems and my blood-fats were low, but somehow, while the rest of me is fine, my cholesterol sucks.  So I had pasta last night with no parmesan, and instead of a fried egg and cheese with grits for breakfast, I had oatmeal.  I'm going to try to cut down on cheese and butter and do some exersize and see how far that takes me (I'm going to be monitored every month because the meds i'm starting tend to increase cholesterol) before going nuts with my diet.  I think that I eat pretty well, aside from the cheese and butter and my french fry obsession.  *whine*  But my CHEESE!


Soon, your not fuzzy rosemary evoo will be completed, and you can have yummy olive oil to swap some butter out with. And adding a bowl of oatmeal per day can have a huge effect on cholesterol (yay for soluble fiber!). I know that switching Druid over to the more soluble fiber and more olive oil in place of butter or margarine cut his cholesterol gah... like 75 points? :) No fear, once you get the level down, some cheese can come back!

This is a good excuse for me to make more soluble fiber-foods; it won't be just Druid that can have them! Muhahahahhaa. (Sorry, evil baker moment.)


YOU have high cholesterol ?
You are like the epitomy of a fit human being!

What did the doctors say about Olive oil ? good or bad? :-)

-- AK