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led astray

January 2013

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led astray


Tomorrow will be the 4th day of work I have missed in a week due to illness. Tuesday I missed due to 4AM random vomiting. Friday and today I have had a severe cold that has left me at times unable to speak, spiting out chunks at other times, and coughing painfully at all times. Tonight, my body gave me the kicker... atop my incessant coughing, head pain and sore muscles, my stomach decided to implode for no aparant reason. Now this is a strange occurence. From time to time, my stomach will do this thing where it hurts. It's not gas, it's not nausea, it's not bowel related. It just feels like I have been punched in the stomach with something not quite sharp enough to pierce flesh, and whatever it was that hit me never left. I know I am not doing this pain justice. It makes me sweat in a room where I had previously been shivering. It makes my vision swim, my hearing muted, and breathing forced. I have yet to find any kind of pattern for this ailment, nor have I found any sure way to relieve it. Despite having failed before, I decided that I would try to eliminate the problem orally. Well, this time it worked. On a side note, I just DO NOT understand bulemia! It still hurts my throat to breathe and swallow water (I'm sure bile didn't help). Tomorrow, I will still not go to work. I am hoping that I will be ok for the easy job Monday. I have lost a lot of money in this sickness work missing-ness. Maybe this is my body telling me not to work so damn much. Well, body, i'm telling you right now, you better not give me any more trouble if you want to keep eating. Yeah, it sucks to work so much, but it will suck worse if I can't buy groceries. Now, I know that the people who love me would never let me go hungry, but my body needs to understand how this life thing works, damn it! *sigh* The super night time knock you on your ass so you can't feel the pain so you can sleep pill is starting to kick in. Night all. Sorry for the gorey details.