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led astray

January 2013

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New Years Poll: Diner Debate

The weekend was great and chill and cozy (mostly). I have new art!!! :-D I got to see people I don't often get to see and I even got a phonecall from Shaheen whom no one has seen in a couple years! But really, what it all boiled down to was one burning question that we have yet to come with a suitable answer to. It began in a Jersey Diner. It is this:

Is there any food which the addition of cheese would not make even better?
Any kind of cheese would be available, so don't limit yourself to Cheddar. Give it some thought. If you come up with anything, post it and I will attempt to counter.

Happy New Year.

A couple days later...I think I may have found it. The peanut butter and jelly sandwich!


There are a good few desserts that I don't think cheese would work with, like strawberry shortcake, just about any sort of cakes, baklava, and definitely M&M's :)

But as for non-sweets? I'm still of the opinion that fish and cheese don't mix well (though the world disagrees). Aside from that it gets tough - clam chowder, maybe. Cheese and peas tend not to go very well, and I'm of the opinion that cheese and lamb is just bleck. :) But it's real hard to think of things that don't go well with cheese :)
Bzzzt. Sorry, went down the sweet route m'self, but once you start drifting into cheesecake area, sweetened cream cheese hoses all of the good ones. Can probably even argue it for things like Rice Crispies. ::frowns::

Might get away with the M&Ms. Especially peanut. :)

I'm stumped. Going to have to ask the missus.
Sweets: I give you the cream cheese Trump! Anything sweet + cream cheese is even better!

I think provolone would be good with lamb, or maybe greyure. Peas? Parmesan. Clam chowder: asiago for white, fresh mozzarella for red.

Cheese rules!
>I give you the cream cheese Trump!

::nods:: Had quite a list until I hit that, and watched it all fall like a house of cards. ::sniffs:: I almost wept. ;)
Indiana Jones Trump, Chilled Monkey Brains?
I don't know... I think small mozzerella balls might go well with that.
Can you provide proof of this?
Ah, Grasshopper!
You ask the question that has no answer, for cheese makes EVERYTHING better.


Baked fish + cheese = no good

I don't know - but Baked fish + cheese of any kind seems like a very bad combination

Re: Baked fish + cheese = no good

Parmesan and some thyme.
I have a copy of Ladies' Home Journal from 1954 which contains an ad from the American dairy Council, recommending cheese on, of all things, waffles. I draw the line at waffles
Cheese is awesome. Monkey Brains are right out unless you've tried them (with and without some form of cheese.)

I contend that plain waffles (as they would be without cheese) would be better with cheese than plain.

Cheese is awesome! All Hail Cheese!
OK, I concede the monkey brains, although I still suspect mozzerella balls would go well. But what about donuts?
Peanut butter and Jelly sandwich.

Ice Cream.

Both would lend themselves to the addition of the Cream Cheese Trump, but I don't think either would be actually *improved* by it....