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led astray

January 2013

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First day with nothing to do. Kinda don't know what to do with myself. I am going to go sell blood in a little bit. Then it will probably be naptime. I could stop by the thrift store and see if they have nifty things. I invited people over to watch Dark Crystal as a pre-party warm-up. Haven't heard back from people. I do live kinda far from most folks at school.

In the Spring, I will be in another show! *happydance* It's called Suburbia, and I will be protraying Bee-Bee. I ordered the script (haven't read it yet), which should be here in a few days. I believe my character is an angry drunk girl. I wonder where I'll get inspiration for that role? *makes amusing pondering face and Pooh Bear thinking noises* So yeah. It's in March. I'll keep you posted about the exact dates when I get them.


Ooh ooh! Before I forget (I'm doing the cookie making blitz today, I think) tomorrow is completely cool for visiting :)
Cool. Now I have to make sure I get back from the cast party at a reasonable hour!
The patio is closed off for the winter, so give a call when you're here so I can let you in by the stairs near our apartment :D

It's okay, I'll be groggy in the morning, too
What an awesome icon! :-D You really are gorgeous. Just not my type. ;-) *hugs*
That's ok. You're not my type either. ;)
ladies, you're giving the boys visuals that you may not want them to have! *chuckle*


Love the new icons :-)

As for not knowing what to do... my modest proposal is to be antisocial for a few hours and play morrowind :-) After a crazy semester you deserve a little time with the computer :-)