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led astray

January 2013

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If only I looked like this every day...


My friend Dave took some great pictures of me for headshots. Looking through them I was reminded of a poem I wrote about 10 years ago...

One day I was pretty.
I know
because they took my picture.
And it doesn't really look like
the way I remember me.
Or the way I look now.

So now I can regret
or not
that way he looks at me.
But one day I was pretty.
Too bad he wasn't with me

I saw the picture
and in awe and disbelief
I thought that at least for one day
I was pretty.
Or maybe she isn't me.


(I'm not fishing here. The poem is 10 years old. I just don't look like that every day and I was happy as anyone else would be at how well the pictures came out.)


Wow. Thank you doesn't quite say it. (I wasn't fishing.) I know I'm not ugly, but when I look in the mirror, I don't see the person in these pictures.
I'm glad I'm not the only one who sees these things, but you've said it far more convincingly than I've ever been able to.
*definitely* not just you, Druid. With the exception possibly of when you're a lot stressed (and not glowing as much as usual), that is how you look to me every day.

And when you're really stressed? I don't think it makes you look any less pretty... just a little less present... if that makes sense. And then it makes me want to hug you, so it's all good :)
Wow, nice pictures. *Love* the B&W - definately a portfolio shot.

You know, I seem to remember a certain day - well, evening, more precisely - where a young Ansconi lass was trying on a dress, fussing with her hair, and generally filled with a nervous excitement about an upcoming Harvest Ball. It wasn't just Rhys who was responding when I said you looked lovely. And I meant it.
Thanks. *blush*

The B&W is going to be my resume headshot.
We always look better when we're trying. No, not trying. But when we put in a little more effort. It's easier to *feel* beautiful then, and like druidwolf said, the light in our eyes shines brighter. I know I get that way when I get dressed for a ball and feel like a princess entering the hall. :-) Yeah, and when the stress is less. That always helps.
I remember this poem... and I tried to convince you that you're beautiful every day of your life back when you first read it to me... I'll keep taking pictures of you Miss M. until you finally believe me (and those closer to you than I)
Wow. Great photos. They've really captured you. And I mean the "you-as-you-are" and not the "idealized-you-you-want-to-be". I think the other people here have put it more succinctly and clearly than I ever could. You are beautiful.

Or to put it another way, I opened the first pic and actually said out loud (to very strange looks of the person the next desk over) "Damn, that's hawt!"
(((hug))) Thanks.

***BIG HUG***

So pretty!!...and in some way, so much more grown-up than I remember you. Your hair is so long! And straight! You've always photographed so well, I'll never forget those pictures of you on the rocks, the ones you showed me the first night you moved in with me :)
I see alot of people who trya nd dress up to impress and look beautiful. You odnt even have to try, I do have to say though someone did an amazing job on the photography for both. I think it's easier to capture beauty in black and white but the color one is just as good.