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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

*short sigh*

I am finally caught up on my schoolwork! Yay! It's just in time too, cause now it's getting to be crunch time for the show and it's getting to be final paper/project time for classes. This weekend I have a 6-8 page rough draft to write for nutrition. Fun. I feel like I have been working really hard the last couple weeks, especially this past week and I am exhausted today and have very little energy. I would like to take a break, but I feel likeI shouldn't because there is still stuff to be done. Maybe just a couple hours to let my body and mind recoop. But the play is looking great. It's so funny we crack each other up during rehersals. (And my heart goes out to you this weekend, friend.)

Keep your fingers crossed for me that grandmother will see reason and cash in the Florida college fund she started for me when I was 11 that is about to expire if someone doesn't go to school for a bachelor's in FL! I could really use that money while I'm getting my bachelor's in MA!


Yay on being caught up! And remember - 10 minute sanity breaks are a good compromise between doing work and taking a break from it, too :)

Best of luck with your grandmother, wow, that could help a lot!


Let me know if you want to get away for a weekend sometime after New Years... not that far off, as frightening as that is... Good luck convincing your grandmother...