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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

This weekend was pretty nice. Had friends over and just hung out with no plans, mostly playing video games or watching each other play them. E got the cold that we passed around last month. :-( But he seems to be shaking it off faster than I did. I got some homework done and I should finally be caught up after today (if I can manage to not play Morrowind all day).

There was one problem this weekend that I don't think anyone else cares about. Noise. I don't know why, but I am always paranoid about making too much noise. The downstairs neighbor had already complained about morning noise. And truth be told, my friends tend to be of the loud and stomping variety and even if you ask them to be quiet, they will try really hard, but it just can't be maintained. But last night I learned that the downstairs neighbor had rung the doorbell (that annoying poke-poke-poke till they answer since we were all upstairs where it couldn't be heard for most of the day) and basically bitched out sylvanstargazer for day and night noises as well, making me feel a wave of guilt, shame, and paranoia. I like this apartment. I don't want the landlords getting noise complaints about us and asking us to leave. So I know I can be like a mouse, but I know I shouldn't have to. A person has to accept that there will be noises from the 2nd floor if they live beneath people. On the other hand, there are times I can hear people walking on the 2nd floor when i'm on the 3rd floor and it makes me cringe to think what that must be like on the 1st floor. It's not a comfortable situation. I can't ask people to not walk or ask then to tiptoe through the house, but I am constantly worried about how much noise we're making. *sigh* I have no control over this. I cannot exersize my will to make this situation better. I will just have to breathe and let it go.


Congrats on getting all the homework done - I know your classes were stressing you out a bit, so it's good to know you caught up :)

I feel you on the noise issue. Our upstairs neighbors were *horrid* for a few months, and there was nothing quite as home-invading as noise I couldn't stop. I get fairly paranoid about how much noise I make because of this - to the point some days where I'm almost panicky that I might be invading someone else's space unintentionally.

It's understandable to have neighbors complaints about noise worry you. You're a person who tries not to hurt the feelings of others, and to have people in your space that might not be as sound-conscious feels like it's out of your control. Remember, it's okay to ask people in your space to lower their noise levels a bit. I can't think of any of your friends who wouldn't appreciate knowing when/if they're making life with your neighbors any harder. ::hugs::

Maybe it might also help to ask your neighbors when they hear the most noise, etc. Our upstairs neighbors cook traditional Indian food which requires a great deal of mashing - so I know from 3pm on that there will be pounding in the kitchen area. But I got an agreement from the neighbor that the mashing wouldn't start before then, etc. So I could avoid the noise if I wanted.

Jeez, I've written you a novel :P Sending you big hugs and love
As much as I hate confrontation, maybe we need to have a house meeting with our apartment and the downstairs neighbors. I can understand the noise in the morning being a problem, but if they complained about noise at other times we need to know when it is, and what exactly bugs them. I consitently hear their music downstairs - starting anywhere from 10pm on and lasting as late as 2:30am. I'm pretty good at getting to sleep regardless, and I don't want them to feel I'm saying something in retaliation for their complaints. If they are 2nd shift people, that's cool, but we need consideration also. We also have wood floors. There is only so much we can do to stop noise.

Are these the same people complaining about the parking? Or is that the other apartment? I don't know who lives where. Maybe it's time to talk to the landlords too about assigning spaces and having it painted on the driveway so that doesn't keep happening either. (And on the doors and mailboxes too to prevent us getting the wrong mail or the wrong delivery people.)
And we didn't get any complaints from the previous tenants, so the landlord might just as easliy side with us and think the downstairs neighbors are too picky... (We do have seniority so to speak and a previous good reputation.)
Yea my assessment is with Angelheart (i.e. the last neighbors didn't complain and this is the same guy who bitches about the parking spots so he can go screw.) Then again, I'm an ass, and don't actually have to live next to him.

I will say that I hear D&A walk around all the time, and if I'm in my kitchen I can even hear Spike scuttering around, but that's to be expected when you live below people. I got used to it, so can Shecky McCarspace.

Then again, as I said, I'm an ass.
Well, as long as you aren't running boots through the dryer at 2 am, it's probably not that bad. Every time I've been there, y'all haven't been *that* loud.... nobody's sneaking around the house or anything, but it's not like you've been keeping a herd of elephants in the bathroom or anything.

::shrugs:: Yeah, if you can find out the what & when of it all, you'll be able to figure out if it's legit, or if he's just being oversensitive.

I understand

completely... I cringe whenever I drop something even though my downstairs neighbor is 1000x more noisy than I am.